The Errorist, éloge à l’erreur 

This project is based on the original documentation of train crashes recorded in UK from 1940 to 1970. Newspapers that repeatedly reported pictures of the accidents with effective titles and infographics are the main panorama. Wether exploring specifc spiritual regions, political poetry developments, trans-social trends or autobiographical experiences, what is left to the viewer is the imprinting of the error. Considering a very hard task to confirm the existence of an objective morality, consequently ethics introduces a mistaken way of thinking of the world and of conducting practical justice. What is fair, what is not? Everything is subjective and fragile. Error, in depth, is the major metaphor for understanding a delusion that is deeply rooted within us. But it also represents game changing putting in to perspective the idea of damage.

Pictures below from NEMO retrospective 2019 Graffiti Zero - Rome pics by V.Tafuro