This is a mini-collection of neologisms that exists thanks to the practice of my street-work, in order to identify new concepts, approaches, ways-of-doing and techniques related to the urban art universe.

Upperism: Paintings on walls above other pieces, usually higher than 3 meters. Often made with the use of extensions such as ladders, telescopic sticks and other similar tools. Rooftop pieces are not considered upperist actions. As the upper level in rooftop paintings doesn’t depend on the human ability of using tools, but it belongs to the human capacity of climbing architectural structures.

See also: the Upperist Jacket that allows two persons, one on top of the other, to paint higher than the normal human size, without getting noticed.

Tagnology: All the techniques, tools, approaches and inventions in the art of tagging. See also: Spacing, decentralised tagnology / how to resist in an overcrowded world

New Tagnologies: Latest creations in tagnology.

Tag Roller: Hand made tool for make tags mechanically using the roller-paint as a print maker. This way the roller reproduce repeatedly the name effortlessly as long as there is paint in the mesh. There are many types of rollers, single tag roller and combo tag roller.
The single tag roller is carved and can change in size, depending on what you need to paint.
The combo roller is a composition of more than one roller-paint put together by welding the different elements on a frame.  
See also: Print the City
single tag roller
combo tag roller

Spacing: Tagnique to resist in an overcrowded world. The tag is deconstructed in each single letter and written in the free spaces between other tags, so that it becomes a decentralized  word.
It can also be applied to bigger scale works as flops, pieces, blocks.

See also: Tagnology and New Tagnology

In-Between: Approach in bombing practice, where two or more writers intertwine their flops, instead of leaving a space in between them. The first person merges his/her end with the beginning of the other’s, using a third inner color in the intersection. In such way two letterings become one, but dissociated.

Ego-sharing: Identity swap pushing the ego of someone else, in a fair exchange of actions between two writers. Creating this way an “interconnected ego” across nations and beyond borders. According to the clean and transparent interchange of ideas and requirements inbetween parts, it can be applied on all levels of graffiti practice. The “patent” of the artwork is co-created and shared, based on each personal style.

Tracers: Wearable garments and accessories made to leave a trace.

See also: Walking Tracers, shoes with a carved outsole that allow a person to easily print the floor while walking.