No Plug Sound Machine 

explores the idea of a future whereby resources that we hold as part of life will no longer exist.
Considering an hypothetical crisis situation, imagine yourself re-starting from point “zero”, keeping in mind all the advanced technologies we reached till that point, and recreate the comforts we are immersed in today, but without the power supplies we commonly take for granted.

“How to make electronic music without conventional electricity?”

The machine is powered without recurring to conventional technology, as electricity supply, solar panels and other sophisticate systems, but focusing on alternative clean energy, harnessing the world around us. Earth battery is the response.

In this creation mechanics, electronics, nature and human collaboration, coexist and support each other in the the same moment and space.

The light theremins and the LEDs benefit electricity from the earth batteries plant pots, and the mechanic core is a gramophone activated with hand handle.

The main composition concept is Beat, Sample and Loop, as in Hip Hop music, reproducing an electronic rhythm - through the light theremins - combined with an analog sample - through the 78RPM record.

This machine is mainly created from recycled items and components.

light theremin/ 555 timer and other components

Mechanics/ gramophone/ record, spring motor, needle 
Nature/ earth battery/ soil, water
Human/ power


>>Exhibited>> 2015 Ravensbourne - London // LondonTate Modern Museum during Turbine Festival // London Urban Hackaton 2015 >>Presented>> Strata simposium at the Aberystwyth Art Center - Aberystwyth - Wales >>Showcased>> 2016 Ausland -Berlin